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The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy Mission

Our school provides education programs in the theory and application of classical manual osteopathic treatment and also includes hands-on training at our free osteopathy clinic.

At the CAO, students are taught the mechanical and
physiological reasoning behind health problems. By teaching and encouraging critical thinking skills, the CAO helps equip our students to choose the appropriate technique to address health issues and provide rational treatment through classical osteopathy and its principles.
For our college of osteopathy, this methodology enables the highest standard in properly diagnosing and tailoring treatment to patient problems for our national community and locally at our free student clinic facility in Hamilton, Ontario (part of the Greater Toronto Area).

Future Students

CAO - Future Students

If you’re looking to invest in your future with a comprehensive education program that prioritizes your unique learning needs and offers a supportive learning environment with work and learning opportunities, The CAO Osteopathic College located in Southern Ontario (Hamilton) is the perfect fit for you!

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Changing Careers

CAO - Changing Careers

Are you feeling uninspired in your current field and searching for a more engaging and lucrative career path? The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy can accommodate you with flexible modified attendance formats and weekend classes that will make your transition smoother.

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Community Outreach

CAO - Community Outreach

Is giving back to the community important to you? Our school for osteopathy reaches out to our national community in a multitude of ways; our FREE Student Clinic, our food drives & fundraising events and our local sponsorship of minor sports teams.

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Canadian Academy of Osteopathy introduction video

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A CAO osteopathic education aims at teaching the student to think and apply reason. To be independent of any memorized technique or approach. To act and react based on palpation and intelligence. To be osteopathic in attitude and action. ... See MoreSee Less

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