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The CAO provides education in the theory and application of Principles Based Manual Osteopathic treatment. We teach our students the mechanical and physiological reasoning behind the health problems and help them choose the appropriate technique to address these issues. We encourage our students to think critically and provide rational treatment, enabling them to tailor treatment to a patient’s problems.

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No matter what your educational or professional background may be, if you’re committed to pursuing a career in osteopathy, we’ve made it possible for you to enter this exciting field of study with customizable options that suit your personal level of experience.

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Unlike other technique-driven osteopathic schools, our progressive curriculum is designed to foster an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of body mechanics, human anatomy and physiology. Rather than encouraging students to memorize multiple techniques, we instead support the development of critical thinking skills.

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The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has two teaching facilities in the Hamilton, Ontario. The first, our school classroom training facility, and the second, our student clinic which is free to the public. Both facilities are state-of-the-art and offer students a supportive learning environment with all the best osteopathic tools and resources necessary for success both personally and in practice.

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At the CAO, students are taught the mechanical and physiological reasoning behind dysfunction. By teaching and encouraging critical thinking skills, the CAO helps equip our students to choose the appropriate technique to address health issues and provide rational treatment through classical osteopathy and its principles based approach.

Established 2003

For our college of osteopathy, this methodology enables the highest standard in osteopathic diagnosis and treatment for patients both on a local level through our free student clinic facility in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and on a national level through our community network of graduates.

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The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is a great place to learn. You’ll be instantly hooked by the engaging classes, team environment and the principal’s charismatic leadership in the classroom.

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After personally experiencing the benefits of an osteopathic treatment, I knew this was the field I wanted to get into. The professors at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy show remarkable dedication and are truly committed to the roots of classical osteopathy

The CAO has a unique learning environment with a challenging curriculum. The emphasis on the roots of the profession gives the curriculum substance and depth unlike the majority of other programs which are technique-driven.

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