University Health Science

CAO - University Or College GraduateHave you have graduated from a university or college program in a heath science?

  • Kinesiology
  • Human Kinetics
  • Bio-Med
  • Pre-Med
  • Life Science

You are eligible to bypass the Induction (Osteo Prep) Pre-Course and can go directly into year 1.

In addition, before you start classes, we will provide an Year 1 Prep manual with online resources to help you review & prepare.

Elyse Silverman

They really emphasize that you learn the best when you have a thought process and you have to think through the problem yourself. If you're just given the answers, then it's not gonna stick as well. The CAO is the most amazing, unique, and motivating learning environment that I could ever imagine.

Anna Macintosh

"I made a switch from nuclear engineering to osteopathy ... this is engineering of the human body. The CAO really stood apart from different schools. The well thought out, systematic approach to how the program was put together. This place is just full of passion, full of history, and it's a really great environment to be part of to kind of drive your own further fire in osteopathy and also find other people that feel the same way that you do."

Amanda McLeish

If you’re interested in studying with us but don’t know where to start, ask us about our simple admissions process and the special opportunities the academy has to offer.


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