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CAO - Student CouncilWe are very proud that the CAO has its own Student Council representing the student body at the school.  Each individual class at the CAO has a student rep (or 2 co-reps) that sit on the Student Council.

The CAO Student Council is integral in strengthening community within the student body. Through events such as bowling nights, pub nights, pot luck lunches, and pancake breakfasts that are held monthly, students are encouraged to foster connections across all levels of education within the school. The Student Council is also dedicated to community action with annual food drives for the Hamilton Food Bank, holiday toy drives and fundraising for different charities. Stay tuned to our facebook page as we will be posting photos periodically of all student council events!

Students are encouraged to participate in The CAO Student Council through volunteerism, event participation, and idea/question/comment submission to constantly improve the student experience and maintain the high level learning environment that is expected at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

CAO - Lee Jarvis, Past Student Council President

Lee Jarvis, Past CAO Student Council President

“The student council is made up of a very wonderful group of students who value not only the exceptional education but also the community of the CAO. As the first president of the Student Council I had the honour of working with these students and helped to form the goals, activities, and events that the Student Council now works towards. Today the Student Council has it’s place as a necessary element in the educational environment as it enriches the student experience at the CAO increasing the fellowship of the students in their current schooling and in future relationships in the field.”

Abbey Tyrrell, Past CAO Student Council President

“Just as the human body is in harmony, the Student Council only functions as each member of its body plays their vital role. The beauty of the Student Council has nothing to do with a system of hierarchy or leadership, but truly the meeting of minds for united purpose. We strive to upbuild the health of the student body through facilitating the exchange of knowledge, supporting development and engagement of the wider community. We, as Osteopathic students have this same goal as we strive to be honest and like-minded in our study and practice.”

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