Limited Health Education

Are you currently working in the health field but with a limited education in Anatomy & Physiology?

  • Personal Trainer
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Martial Arts Instructor
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology

Or did you graduate from a College program in Fitness or Health?

  • Pre-Health
  • Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Fitness Promotion


You may be able to enter directly into Year 1!  If you need a refresher in anatomy, then our Year 1 PREP Course is designed with you in mind.  It will fill in everything you are missing from your understanding of gross anatomy and physiology and prepare you for year 1 classes


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Joe Peternal, Year 4 Student

After finishing my undergrad in kinesiology, I wanted to pursue something further. When I went to visit today and saw Mr. Johnson speak about how they approach the bodies and the philosophy, and the anatomy and physiology and mechanics of the school, ’cause it’s nothing like I’ve experienced before and I was sold. So, CAO has been preparing me to go out into clinical practice in numerous different ways that I wasn’t expecting. Since you’re not learning technique-based treatments, when you come across a patient that walks in your office, it can be overwhelming, but with the way they teach, you’re never left thinking, “Oh, where do I begin?” because you know there’s an individual process with every patient. I think that’s the most rewarding thing of the CAO, is that they teach you to think for yourself.

Jorge Cota, Year 4 Student

Student clinic is great because it gives you that real life hands on experience. To get an idea of what it’s like to actually treat a patient in real life and real time with real problems. You don’t get that anywhere else. I went through four years of kinesiology education without ever putting my hands on one body. It’s great to actually be able to treat the people in Hamilton community. It gives us the chance to test out our abilities. To see who’s safe, who’s not. Discuss red flags. But also gives us the chance to really see people who are sick. Who need treatment. And to see what that’s like and to get our hands on it. Even when coming from a kin background it’s a really big eye opener. It’s the best osteopathic school that you are going to find in North America.

Abbey Tyrrell, Year 4 Student

“I actually started at McMaster with my kinesiology degree, spent some time working with some physios. I just really wasn’t liking some of the answers I was getting, so I spent some time with an osteopath, and I really just appreciated the thought process and the principle-based understanding of osteopathy, and I, for the first time, started to see patients getting better, and to me, that spoke volumes.”

Hans Yuan, Year 4 Student

“Before I went to school here, I did kinesiology for my undergraduate. And then, for post grad, I did athletic therapy at Zurich University. All of those seemed very, there was a sort of segmental approach to each methodology of thinking, and, from that, when I came to this school, I started to see how you can look from the bigger picture to a smaller picture and go out to the bigger picture and treat it in a whole different way. It’s almost like engineering of the human body. Looking at the biomechanics of how things actually move in a functional way.”

Marcus Watson, Year 4 Student

“I had a really bad injury while I was working. I’ve been everywhere, seen everyone, done everything. But a year and a half in, I finally found an osteopath who was a graduate of this school, and he was the only one who was able to help me, and, again, with the kin background, I’d always been interested, but didn’t really think it was gonna take me anywhere, and as soon as I was treated and got better, I decided to come have a look at the school”

Christian Collarile, Year 4 Student

“I did a five year undergrad at Western University in kinesiology. I loved the idea of the manual therapies, healing, helping people, that whole aspect. I had a friend of mine who introduced me to the osteopathic world and kind of told me to search it up. So obviously I searched up this one and the one in Toronto. I went on both websites and this one kind of jumped off the page. The student portal’s good, there’s videos, there’s Powerpoints. It’s got all your lecture slides, you know, from your anatomy and physiology, history, all your courses, so you can study in advance before the next mod. And you can obviously go back and study previous mods. It’s a good tool to have, definitely help your knowledge base. They set you up to succeed. The CAO to me is challenging, but extremely rewarding.”

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