Future Students

CAO - Future Students

Join numerous other individuals passionate about the osteopathic healthcare field as they work towards achieving a professional manual osteopathic designation. We attract hardworking and dedicated students who possess superior critical thinking skills and a sincere love for helping others. With our highly experienced educators, unwavering commitment to the origins of classical osteopathy and the strong sense of community found on our campus, The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy offers a unique learning experience unlike any other.

University or College Graduate


CAO - University Or College Graduate

Do you have a university or college education in a healthcare field and you’re looking to take that next step in your career? If you want to have the knowledge and skills to identify the underlying causes of physiologic problems in your patients, osteopathy could be the field for you. Many of our students have backgrounds in Kinesiology, Bio-Med, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Pre-Med, Pre-Health, Nursing, Anatomy, Physiotherapy, Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical, Health Research Methodology, Health Science Education, Medical Sciences, Public Health, Rehabilitation Science, and many others

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Health Care Professionals


CAO - Health Care Professionals

Are you currently practicing in the healthcare field, but not getting the results you want? Osteopathy offers a manual and drug-less approach to alleviating pain and disease in your patient community, so that you can treat a wider range of ailments. We accept Registered Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Nurses, Physicians Assistants, Paramedics, Physical therapists, Chiropractors, and more.
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Changing Careers

CAO - Changing Careers

Are you unhappy in your current job and searching for a more rewarding and fulfilling career path? The field of osteopathy is an ideal route for individuals who are interested in entering the healthcare field and are truly passionate about helping others.

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