Inductions/Osteo Prep

Inductions/Osteo Prep is a PRE-COURSE that is taken online through the CAO’s Education Portal.  It is paired with optional monthly in-class tutorials. It is designed to give students all the basic anatomy and physiology they need before starting their first year of the osteopathy program.

Inductions/Osteo Prep is self paced allowing students to get everything they need in time for the academic start date that they prefer. It is recommended that you take this course over 6 months but it can be completed in as little as 3 months depending on the time you have to commit to it.

This course in MANDATORY for those applicants with no health background and RECOMMENDED for those with limited anatomy and physiology knowledge.

This course is not a stand alone course and not open to the general public. It iis only open to those applicants who have been accepted into the M.OMSc program, contingent on passing Inductions.

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Curtis Woodley

The inductions process was appropriate to prepare me for my first year with the CAO. Coming from a personal training background, I had some understanding of components of what we were gonna be doing at school, but the inductions really set me up for the course load and the level of demand that it's gonna take for me to be successful as an osteopath. By and large, it was ahead of the rest. It's the best program I have been part of.

Bryce Webster

The Inductions Program was a great introductory course. It just kind of refreshed and solidified those basic principles that you need to be successful throughout the school and that needs to stick with you. You could go into the portal whenever you wanted to and you could watch any videos if you needed help and then answer the questions.

Adam Leblanc

I was really interested in the CAO because the education it offered and how the professors and even the students just go above and beyond to help everyone in the environment. It gives that sense of being involved in a community where people actually wanna see you succeed and care about you and want the best out of you

Aanad Ondhia

I wasn't going to go back to school for no reason. They gave me the most direct entry into what I knew I already wanted to pursue.

Emily Sandaj

The CAO is a place where you grow, you grow in your intelligence, you grow in maturity, you also grow in personal strength, and work ethic, and endurance. This school really brought out my best qualities.