The CAO hosts multiple events every year ranging from breakfast, lunches, pub nights, student celebrations, continuing education, and graduations! We love to celebrate our community, students, graduates, accomplishments, and our profession! Check our our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter Pages for photos and video from all our events! We are always open to new ideas, let our student council know!

Grand Event and Founders Weekend

The CAO Grand Event is the biggest event of the year.
We celebrate the CAO and the amazing community we are all a part of. The ceremony is held in the Cathedral of the Scottish Rite of Hamilton. It recognizes each student who has completed a full level of CAO education and awards for the top students from each class based on performance/marks. Our graduates receive their diplomas & their graduation coats and the medal winners for each graduating class are presented. The ceremony is followed by dinner, toasts & dancing.

As part of Founders Day weekend, a lecture series is included in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy. We have hosted Osteopathic Physicians, Historians, Anatomists, Doctors, Professors and Practitioners from all over the world! Check our event videos for recaps of these wonderful lectures and workshops!

Spring Symposium

Spring Symposium is a lecture series hosted every year in Hamilton, Ontario. We feature lecture for students and graduates of osteopathic programs at either the Art Gallery of Hamilton or the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel.

2016 featured Robert Lever DO, Bob Schneider DO, John Lewis, and Robert Foster DO.

2017 featured Jason Haxton​ MA,  Robert Johnston, ​ ​M. OMSc,  and ​Steve Paulus DO.

2018 will feature John Lewis​, Lee Jarvis, and Yasir Rehman.