COVID-19 Update

Inquiring Prospective Students: Following Federal and Provincial guidance of “social distancing” the CAO has closed its classrooms temporarily. In person campus tours are now on hold. Virtual Tours are available by telephone and our admissions team will also be hosting Facebook Live Q&A sessions with our Admissions team every couple weeks to get all your questions answered. We encourage you to fill out the “I want answers” form on this page so one of our admissions advisors can contact you to answer any questions you may have about our program. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Current Students: Following Federal and Provincial guidance of “social distancing” we are suspending in-person clinical training until the social distancing requirements improve. All Classroom Semester subjects, testing and auditing are progressing as usual but being held online for the safety of the faculty and students. Clinical Semester online courses and written requirements are proceeding as usual with some extensions to assignment due dates. Please watch your CAO emails for updates on the situation.

New Students beginning this Fall: We hope that by the time the winter semester begins in October, social distancing measures will be lightened. Should there be a second wave of Covid-19 or extended social distancing measures, the winter semester will not be delayed and will start on time. Course components will simply be moved online temporarily for the additional month or two that is necessary to comply with Federal and provincial guidance for the safety of our students and faculty.. The format in such a scenario will be similar to what is currently being delivered in our summer semester for current students.