Associations & Partners

We have spent many years creating and building connections to make our profession stronger, safer, respected, and effective. The CAO has linked with professional associations, continuing education partners, and international schools. We are also looking to create new friendships with strong leaders in the industry that share our same classical osteopathic commitment.

Graduates of the CAO are given direct entry into the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA). This non-profit professional association is recognized by the insurance industry for its high educational and professional standards. All members have a minimum of 4 years of education, are fully insured and required to comply with continuing education requirements and ethical practice guidelines. The OOA stands by its membership and is committed to promoting the highest standards of osteopathic care while protecting the patient community. For a full list of osteopathic practitioners and interactive, searchable map, please visit the OOA website

Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy

The Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy (CICO) is continuing education entity dedicated to the preservation of the original osteopathic principles that define the profession.
The CICO brings international historians and lectures to Canada every month with the goal of developing the practice of manual osteopathy while keeping with the founding principles that define the profession.
All CAO graduates are listed in the CICO’s National Registry of Classical Osteopathic Manual Practitioners; the most elite education listing in the profession.

International Institute of Classical Osteopathy

The International Institute of Classical Osteopathy (IICO) was formed in 2012 in an effort to unify the individual national Institutes of Classical osteopathy around the world and give them a unified voice.

Japanese Institute of Classical Osteopathy (JICO)

Under the direction of the highly experienced Kazunori Matsuzawa, this association offers comprehensive educational courses and advanced study programs for osteopathic practitioners in Japan. Our Principal Robert Johnston Lectures for JICO several times a year in Japan and Mr. Matsuzawa and his staff, are frequent visitors to The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. As a classical institute, JICO is committed to sharing the founding principles of osteopathy as the pillars of osteopathic education. Check out photos from our visits from 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.