Osteopathy Programs

CAO Programs

Osteopathic Programs at the CAO are specifically designed to provide the most comprehensive and interactive learning experience. Unique for their commitment to the original principles of classical osteopathy’s founding fathers, the CAO’s education programs and courses offer students a challenging and rigorous schooling experience combining theory and an application-based learning approach to classic osteopathic principles. The CAO mission is ensuring graduates leave with the problem-solving skills and hands on clinical expertise required to successfully diagnose and treat a diverse range of physiologic problems they will encounter in future practice. CAO programs are designed with flexibility in mind and this allows students who are enrolled to continue working full-time while studying at our college campus in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

M. OMSc Osteopathic College Diploma

The M. OMSc diploma program leads to a professional manual osteopathic designation and takes 4 years to complete. Each year includes a clinical and theoretical portion and is offered in a modified attendance format with classes spanning over 5 consecutive days a month to minimize your away time.

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CAO - M. OMSc PLUS Foundations

This program is for college or university graduates who did not study health care and do not meet the admission requirements for anatomy and physiology. Foundations curriculum runs alongside the M. OMSc program and provides extra education in anatomy and physiology outside of the osteopathy classroom modules. If you’re interested in a career change into healthcare this is the path for you.

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CAO - Pre-Osteopathy

The CAO’s Pre-Osteopathy course is designed with high school graduates in mind. It introduces human anatomy and physiology providing a condensed alternative to pre-requisite college or university level courses in anatomy. This program is taken before starting the osteopathic program.

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